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  • Bike Rides and Bacon Butties

    Hasn’t the spate of warm dry weather been rather lovely? It’s stopped me from browsing all the A/W clothes that have hit the shops and I haven’t even looked at a pair of tights since May – proof if proof were needed that summer is still clinging on, in Bristol at least. One of my […]

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  • Dainty Vintage Paisley Dress

    This post comes at a rather late hour, as I’m in that pre-Glastonbury phase of panicking about how many floral crowns (five) and pairs of shorts (two) I need to bring with me. One of my festival mantras is ‘don’t take anything you’d be lost without’. I know all too well how gutting it is […]

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  • Susie Bubble’s Yard Sale Dress

    Is there an item of clothing you’ve had for (quite literally) years and never dared to leave the house in? If so then we have something in common. I found this vintage pale blue cheesecloth dress three and a half years ago at a certain fashion blogger’s yard sale. I happened to be in London […]

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  • Local Love: Time After Time

    I’ve recently been spending some time in Stroud, which is just over half an hour away from Bristol by car. Aside from the myriad of charity shops there are to explore – recent finds include this pretty swallow print top – there is one place that I can’t help but visit every time I’m there. […]