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  • Biker jackets in Brooklyn

    Leather studded biker jacket

    I’m writing this on May 9th, during the plane journey home (in between catching up on episodes of Radio Four’s Women’s Hour podcast and reading Amy Poehler’s Yes Please) already thinking about when I’ll next be able to visit New York.   Mile-wise, the Big Apple sits almost squarely between San Francisco and the UK, making it […]

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  • Hello, Again

    Hello again

    Hello, long time no blog! What’s new with you? In the last seven years of blogging I’ve never taken such a long break. It was unintentional at first – from mid-September to January we had a steady rotation of visitors (which has been lovely) and I was busy getting to grips with my new job while […]

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  • Outside Lands 2015

    Zara red plaid shirt

    This year was the first summer I didn’t get to go to Glastonbury Festival for the first time in about eight years. I avoided the coverage like the plague and winced when I heard about amazing performances or saw photos of my friends working at Worthy FM, the festival’s onsite radio station. I know, I know, […]