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Hello! Welcome to Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion.

My name is SJ, and I’ve recently swapped my adopted home of Bristol, UK, for San Francisco, California.

Switching the South West for the West Coast is an adventure I’ll be sharing on this blog, along with outfit posts, lifestyle features and beauty reviews – with a dollop of travel adventures on top for good measure.

Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion began life back in 2009, as a place to continue writing after my degree in Fashion Journalism came to an end. More recently I was a finalist in the Bath in Fashion Blogger Awards 2013, and have worked with brands including Joules and Dr Martens. I also blog about fashion for Oxfam.

I like: floral prints, hunting for vintage treasures, breakfast, red lipstick, making lists, lomography, eating cheese, raiding my Grandma’s wardrobe, feminism, colour-coded books and Oreo milkshakes.

I dislike: spiders, onsies, tea (yes, really), litterbugs and mushrooms.

If you have an event, label or product you’d like to shout about, you can find me on Twitter @shipshapebf or email me at shipshape.bristolfashion@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. The phrase ‘ship-shape and Bristol fashion‘ has been around for about 200 years and means ‘in good working shape’. It relates to Bristol when the city was one of England’s key shipping ports in the 1800s.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Alix McShane


    I have chosen to use your blog as part of my ‘Is fashion blogging journalism?’ project via IFB website. Unfortunately, the group I created has been deleted and I don’t know why. I have emailed the website and they are adamant they have no record of the group on the database.

    Luckily, I kept record of the blogs participating (including yours) and I posted your URL on my own blog!! But I have lost anything you may have said about the subject! Could you please answer these questions for me to include in my research?

    Do you consider fashion blogging journalism?
    How often do you update your blog?
    Why do you have a fashion blog?
    What do you think people get from fashion blogs that they cannot find in fashion magazines?
    Is there anything fashion magazines have that fashion blogs are lacking?
    By next week, I will reply with the current progress of your blog!

    Thanks so much and sorry for the inconvenience,




    Twitter: follow me @alixmcshane

  2. Ellen

    Hi lovely! I just came across your blog and just had to tell you how much I love it! I’m so excited to add a new blog into my mix to read. Love your fashion and beauty! I blog at itsybitsyellen.wordpress.com :) Cheers!


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