Blogging for Oxfam Fashion

I finished work today to find a lovely surprise doing the rounds on Twitter – my first post for Oxfam Fashion has gone live!

I mentioned in a RTW post a few weeks ago that I’d been picked as Oxfam’s new fashion blogger, and the first topic I decided to tackle was how to offset buying new clothes by making sure I operate a one in, one out policy.

Sustainability within fashion blogging can often be a bit of a taboo topic, so I hope my post offers a small solution to buying brand new. Read the full article on their site and let me know your thoughts – do you have a way of controlling what goes in your wardrobe?

Have a great evening!

4 thoughts on “Blogging for Oxfam Fashion

  1. Niki Whittle (@nikiwhittle)

    I love this post, and it’s such a great article! I’m always amazed at how many fashion bloggers seem to buy countless new items of clothing each week and if I’m honest, it makes me a little uneasy. I like the challenge of having fewer clothes that I can wear in lots of different ways. I’ve also started to up-cycle some of my old clothes to breathe new life into them…the trend for studs EVERYWHERE (which, by the way I LOVE) is such an easy one to replicate. You’re ‘one in, one out’ rule is an interesting one…I think it’s a great way to keep your wardrobe fresh and to a minimum. My rule is to only buy a new item if it goes with at least three other items in my wardrobe. As a personal stylist, I’ve seen too many wardrobes bulging with un-worn items to shop any other way. Sure, there are times when that rule goes out the window and I’ll find any reason to justify a purchase, but on the whole, I’m quite strict.

    1. shipshapebristolfashion

      Thank you! It blows my mind too when I see other bloggers constantly showcasing new clothes, that’s why I’d be really interested to see if and how they recycle them. I like the idea of up-cycling, but I’m not the best with a needle and thread! I like that you stick to buying items that work within the context of your current wardrobe – it must avoid the moments like I have each morning when I’m, standing there thinking ‘I have nothing to wear!’ when I have a whole wardrobe full of clothes!

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  3. beautifulplumage

    It’s good to see a little realism within the fashion industry (especially in this economic climate!) – great article ShipShape. I love clothes swaps. Am thinking of hosting another one soon – will need to stock up on cake! There are also some more ‘Upcycling’ focused sewing tutorials coming up on the BeautifulPlumage blog which will give ideas of how to customise/modernise fashion swapsies in to wearable items. I will keep you posted…


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