The Little Things #31 – NYC, reading, and relaxing

Thistles at Las Trampas Regional Park

In all honesty, I’m writing this monthly recap in the middle of June, so my memories of May are already fogging at the edges slightly, but hey, that’s why The Little Things series exists at all. For a long month May whizzed by quickly, starting with a work trip to New York and ending with a couple of chilled weekends in the city. It was the month our marriage turned eight, and I somehow managed to read five books – a personal best for the year so far. 

Blogging about: Nothing. But since then I have written about the most spectacular vintage dress.

Watching: Fleabag – both seasons. I finally gave into the hype and it was so worth it, particularly season two. Also, the final episodes of Game of Thrones, which I have strong feelings on but on the whole enjoyed, if only because I can now live life not hyperventilating every Sunday evening about what might happen to Arya, and those bloomin’ CGI dragons.

Making: An effort to get out of the city, be it paddle boarding or hiking.

Buying: Not much at all, unless a haircut counts?

Reading: The Wife by Meg Wolitzer, My Thoughts Exactly by Lily Allen, The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy, Ordinary People by Diana Evans, and The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin.

Listening to: IDK, but probably records on our relatively new record player.

Wearing: Bright red trousers, vintage pleated skirts and cozy jumpers.

Eating: Cookie dough and fish and chips in New York, DIY pizzas and tot-chos in San Francisco.

Enjoying: Paddle boarding in the Bay, Sunday night neighborhood hangs, harder-than-they-look hikes, make-up evenings, Lady Brunch, and taking it slow.

Looking forward to: Planning summer adventures, celebrations in the park.


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