Non/Native: Season Two

NonNative podcast

The Non/Native podcast is back! Last autumn I launched a podcast to share the stories of female immigrants, expats and interlopers, and I’m chuffed to say that the first episode of season two is now available.

Launching Non/Native back in September was so, so nerve-wracking. I sat on the idea for it for ages – convincing myself of hundred and one reasons why I should listen to my fears – before biting the bullet and diving into the world of podcasting. I’m not partial to the sound of my own voice (is anyone, though?) and audio editing is a skill I have barely began to get to grips with, but this is a topic I feel passionately about, so I’m back.

For season one I spoke to some amazing women I’m lucky to call friends, and this season I wanted to branch out and speak to a variety of different women – expect to hear from a New Yorker in London, a Brit raising a global family, and my first guest, Flora, a Russian-Israeli living in Northern California.

The brand new episode (and season one, if you haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet) is available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and a host of other podcast providers. Have a listen, hit subscribe, and give it a rating if you feel so inclined – it would mean the world to me.


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