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It’s no secret that I’ve been interested in photography for as long as I can remember, and have amassed a fair few analogue cameras over the years. I don’t use them enough *slaps back of wrist* but I’m trying, bringing my lomography camera to Palm Springs in April, for instance.

My love of lomography means my 35mm Pentax K1000 – an 18th birthday present from my parents – can sometimes take a back seat, but not today. After a photo walk with a friend and the discovery of a mystery roll of undeveloped film, I finally had a reason to head to Photoworks SF and get a couple of rolls processed and printed. Here are some of my favourites…

Wildfire sunrise at Yosemite

Road Trips

I took my Pentax on one failed road trip last summer, followed by two successful ones to Mount Shasta and Yosemite National Park. Both occasions were marred with wildfires, which can be seen in the Yosemite photo, above, shot at Half Dome during a smokey sunrise.

Broken down MustangOrich CaliforniaRailroad caboose Mount ShastaWoodgrain railroad cabooseMotel Hi-Lo California

Glen Park Canyon

Last autumn (at least, I think it was autumn – that’s what you get for taking almost a year to process a roll of film) my friends G, K, and I took a wander around Glen Park Canyon with the aim of flexing our photography muscles. Cue discovering fairy grottos and lots of posing.

Glen Park Canyon San FranciscoGlen Park CanyonFairy grotto Glen Park CanyonPosing in Glen Park Canyon

Lands End Trail

Earlier in July I met up with my friend L to catch up and shoot along this coastal trail, in the north west area of the city. The weather was great, with clear views across the Bay and plenty of people having their photo taken in the trail’s stone labyrinth. The sight of the Golden Gate Bridge never gets old.

San Francisco labyrinth Sutro BathsLands End TrailPhotographing Sutro Baths


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