Palm Springs on Film

Palm trees lomography
Last month I had the pleasure of tagging along with a friend to Palm Springs. She was there for a work trip and I was there to assist/lounge by the pool. I took my lomography camera, a Diana F+ Dreamer, with me – regretfully it had been languishing in a cupboard for far too long prior to this trip.

I’ve prattled on at length about my love of Palm Springs – this trip was my third in two years and, as always, I’m already thinking about when I can go back again. The intense heat isn’t my bag, but it’s worth it for the cloudless blue skies, desert flora and fauna, and charming mid-century modern architecture.

Swimming pool lomographyShooting on film is both joyful and frustrating. We’re so used to being able to take 43 photos and selecting just one, that it can be challenging when you only have 12 frames total to work with. But therein lies the joy – each shot needs a little more thoughtfulness, and the results are that much more anticipated when you don’t get to see them instantly. There are some light leaks and vignetting in this batch, and my double exposures didn’t come out quite as strong as I would have liked, but the thrill with lomography is in the moment of pressing the shutter as much as it is in viewing the end image.

I treated myself to a five-pack of 120 film and only shot two rolls in Palm Springs, so expect to see more lomography posts from me in the not too distant future.

Moorton Garden Palm Springs lomographyPalm Springs downtown lomographyBiking in Palm Springs lomographyPalm Springs lomographyMoorton Garden lomographyHoliday House Palm Springs lomography

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