The Little Things #17 – Guilty Pleasures and Springtime Vibes

Springtime blossom
Somehow March is already over, which means it’s time for another recap of the Little Things that have shaped my month, including jazzy trousers and unleashing my inner Sporty Spice…

Blogging about: The satorial equivalent of delayed gratification, and the healing power of reading.
Watching: The Queer Eye reboot on Netflix – yes, I caved after hearing about this show nonstop and no, I didn’t cry. But I did love watching the transformations and found some of the guys featured so loveable and sweet – bring on season two! Another guilty pleasure I’ve indulged in this month is Australia’s Next Top Model. Not a patch on the American version, possibly a little racist, and it just makes me miss Tyra, but some how I can’t switch off.
Making: An effort to be brave and swim in open water. The reason for which will be clear shortly…
Buying: Plane tickets! I’m heading to Palm Springs and Seattle in April, and I can’t wait.
Reading: The Mothers by Britt Bennett, The Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimani and Women Who Tri: A Reluctant Athlete’s Journey Into the Heart of America’s Newest Obsession by Alicia DiFabio. Also, the Reddit thread about a fish bowl, a cat, and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune; one of the many reasons why the internet is just the best.
Listening to: All the podcasts. Particularly Call Your Girlfriend and Women’s Hour, plus #Authentic, which I shamefully only recently discovered. Also, while waiting for The High Low to return from maternity leave, I’ve been enjoying Dolly Alderton’s new Love Stories series, particularly the episodes with Ruby Tandoh and Sara Pascoe.
Wearing: Delightfully cheerful trousers, wetsuits and lots of lycra. Not at the same time.
Eating: Homemade curry, pizza, and pan-fried salmon.
Enjoying: Chilled out weekends with my favourites.
Looking forward to: My first triathlon, if “looking forward to” can also be a substitute for “terrified about”. I haven’t gone on at length about it here because training for it has been a real challenge, particularly the whole swimming in open water thing. Turns out it’s not my forte but so long as I make it out without drowning, I’ll be happy.


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