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Recently, this little blog turned eight years old. Just like my own birthdays, I let it pass by quietly because, let’s face it, it’s hardly been a hive of activity around here lately. Life has changed so much in those eight years and in the last year or so, I felt so busy that something had to give, and when spending all day at a computer, working in a social media role, the last thing I wanted to do at night was huddle over a laptop.

I’ve seen more “how blogging has changed” posts than I can count in the last six months, much of which I agree with. Not so much from the point of view of how fewer bloggers there were back in the day, but how our lives have evolved and how we’re still here, cataloging them in some way. Bloggers I’ve followed for years are getting married, having children, getting divorced or losing a loved one. Some of them have made full-time careers out of their blogs, while others have quit the blogasphere altogether, or are limping along, like me.

I’ve checked out for months at a time but the desire to write about a new experience, thrift shop find or adventure doesn’t wane, resulting in numerous drafted posts that sit uncomfortably on my laptop, and sets of photos (kindly taken by M) that languish in folders. That road trip we went on last summer? I’ve written 1,870 words on it and I’m not even done yet.

Travel has become increasingly prevalent on this blog and one of my favourite posts from the last year is a travel round-up of adventures in 2016 which I’m looking forward to repeating again, and the series of posts I wrote about our recent vacation to Tulum, Mexico. There are also more op-ed posts bubbling around in the back of my brain, and a desire to write more about life in San Francisco. But none of this will get published if I don’t spend time actually writing it, so BRB – this blog won’t write itself…

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  1. December 2, 2017 / 6:52 am

    Pleased to here I’m not the only one, I have numerous draft posts, and had got on the lap top this morning, to take a look at them and post a recent one, even though it could do with another photo. Got distracted by my WordPress Reader …I have plenty of ideas about what to post, but actually getting it out there seems hard. I need to read some of the ‘how blogging has changed’ Perhaps I am better off on Instagram and writing on there? Perhaps we will all get more accepting of occasional bloggers?

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