Damsel in ‘dis Dress

Yellow rose pint Tesco dress

Well, if I’m honest this post has not turned out the way I thought it would, namely because I didn’t think my dress would be holding me hostage! But before I get into my wardrobe mishap, I should probably start at the beginning…

This lovely white and yellow floral print dress with cut out detail is something I’ve had my eye on since spotting it on the web a few weeks ago. I love the cut, the print and the heart detail and whats more, this dress was advertised at just £22. Not from Primark or similar, but from the F+F collection at Tesco, of all places!

I very rarely buy any clothes from supermarket collections, mainly because I don’t live within any stores large enough but also because I’ve never really rated the designs or quality. However in recent months I have been pleasantly surprised at the caliber of deigns coming from F+F and George by Asda. The major brands seem to have really embraced S/S 10 trends and there have been some very slick designs, particularly in the summer dress department.

This floral number had been in the back of my mind so I was delighted when I spotted it last night on a late night visit to Tesco. In a true ‘meant to be’ moment, there was just one left in my size. After quickly trying it on I was sold and hurried to the till before anyone else spotted my find. Naturally I thought it would be perfect for an outfit post, which brings you up to speed with where I am, sat on the sofa and stuck in my dress.

That’s right, stuck. After taking a few snaps, see below, I went to change out of the dress and found the (supermarket quality) zip was stuck and would not budge. After being laughed at by the boyfriend via Skype, I’ve been forced to wait until he gets back from work to rescue me…

Yellow rose print Tesco
Tesco rose print dress



  1. June 16, 2010 / 9:08 pm

    >That did make me laugh, happend to me in a changing room the other day (Jigsaw) got the item over my bust but then it got stuck – really thought I would have to get help! Stood there very hot trapped and wiggling helplessly about for what seemed like ages until finally managed to squeeze out (are you alright in there madam?) – never again!

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