Blog of The Week: Fashionella

It may only be in it’s infancy but Fashionella is a blog to watch. An extension of the fashionable world of photographer Eleanor Hardwick, this blog has recently moved across from Tumblr to Blogspot so there isn’t much on it… yet, but if the determined career of this school girl is anything to go by then I have high hopes for it.

Eleanor Hardwick is a fashion photographer with a difference – she is a mere 16 years old, studying for her A-Levels at college but has numerous exhibitions under her belt and her images have appeared on the pages of everything from Dazed & Confused to The Independent. Her photos are often centered around the notion of differences between childhood and adulthood, with dream-like, ethereal shots of friends and family in quirky situations.

I discovered Hardwick’s images when she had an exhibition at the Here gallery on Stokes Croft back in February and was struck by the beautiful and haunting images that could perhaps be influenced by photography legend Tim Walker, among others. It is therefore fantastic to see other aspects of her creativity emerging.

With an active online presence, Hardwick has not only this fashion blog, but also a website, photoblog and flickr page, as well as posting pictures of herself on stylish blog Lookbook NU, a previous BoW. It is clear that she has a bright feature ahead of her and hopefully this blog will showcase more of her shots and thoughts on fashion.


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