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  • Saying Goodbye

    Vintage green dress

    Having mentioned her and her clothing cast-offs on this blog since its inception, it would be remiss of me not to mention the passing of my grandmother (affectionately referred to as Grandma Ship-Shape around these parts) at the start of the month. While it’s logical to prepare for loss as loved ones get older, it’s certainly not how […]

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  • The $20 Wedding Outfit

    Cornflower blue underskirt and silver brogues

    Yep, you read that right – this outfit (minus the shoes, which were also a bargain at the US equivalent of $10) cost less than a one hour yoga class. If you’re anything like me, the thought of picking out an outfit to wear for a wedding is akin to offering a vampire a basket […]

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  • Old Favourites

    Preventing a blust of wind wardrobe disaster

    Today I fly back to San Francisco. I definitely have mixed feelings about this as I love my adopted city – I just wish I could scoop up our friends and family and take them back there with me. The last two weeks in the UK have been a wonderful whirlwind of quality time with […]

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  • Prints Charming

    Clashing prints and denim jeans

    Long-time readers will know that I love my prints. From floral trousers to vintage sundresses, my wardrobe is choc-full of colour and print. Recently I’ve been drawn to simpler, more minimalistic (for me, at least) clothing combinations, mostly due a relative new obsession with denim. Barley a week has gone by when I haven’t reached […]