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  • Bardot Tops in Tulum

    Tulum beach OOTD

    Relaxation was the order of the day while we were in Tulum, so I didn’t think much about blogging at all, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take some photographs on one of the beautiful beaches before we left. These photos were taken on our last day, just after breakfast and before our final […]

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  • Cenotes

    Cenote Multum-Ha Tulum

    In case it wasn’t obvious from my Tulum travel diary, a highlight of our trip was undoubtedly visiting several of the limestone sinkholes known as cenotes that are dotted across the Yucatan peninsula. Filled with fresh water, these swimming holes are beautiful, fun and restorative. Here’s a breakdown of the four we visited and why you should add them […]

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  • My Tulum Travel Diary

    Sunrise on Tulum Beach

    It was only two (ok, three) months ago, but our holiday to Tulum, Mexico, already feels like a lifetime ago. It was unexpected (we only booked the time off work in January, planning the holiday in mid-February, traveling there in mid-March) and because of that my expectations weren’t low, per say, just non-existent. Work has been […]