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Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple

Revlon Lip Butter in Candy AppleI know, I know, you’ve seen swatches of Revlon’s Lip Butters, you’re positively bored of them cropping up in beauty ‘favourites’ posts and you probably own a shade or two yourself.

The hype surrounding these part-balm, part-lipstick hybrids was off the charts when they launched in 2012, but not even Esteé and her infectious love for them could persuade me to give Lip Butters a try. The quilted, opaque packaging came in strong shades that I found really off-putting – the sugary pink colours in particular looked a bit cheap and too intense for the sheer ‘buttery’ shine that was promised.

But then one day after work I found myself without a pot of Rosy Vaseline or Rimmel Colour Rush Balm, and dangerously close to Superdrug, so I figured I’d see what all the fuss was about. Parting with £7.99, I chose the shade Candy Apple, a bright, slightly orange toned red.

Despite the claim that this is a sheer product, I found Candy Apple to be vibrant, creamy and intense shade – the photo below perhaps doesn’t quite do it justice. Obviously I can’t speak for the other Butters as I haven’t tried them, but I was pleasantly surprised at the punch Candy Apple packs, so much so that I repurchased it when it was on offer a few weeks ago (£5 in Superdrug – go, go, go!). My only issue is that the bullet is so soft that the casing can get quite mucky quite quickly, but that’s perhaps to be expected with this kind of formula.

Revlon Lip Butter in Candy AppleHave you tried any of Revlon’s Lip Butters yet? What’s your favourite shade?

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Topshop Make Up: Lips Lipstick in Brighton Rock review

Topshop Make Up Lips packaging

Since losing my lipstick virginity at the MAC counter in Debenhams last year, I’ve been looking to feed my growing habit for make-up. I’m no make-up junkie and prefer a look that requires minimal effort, so the notion that one slick of lipstick can transform my appearance appeals to me.

Despite the press hype surrounding Topshop’s Make Up launch back in 2010, I’ve been reluctant to try it. Sure, the packaging is quirky and easy on the eye, and the reviews from bloggers have been promising, but something was holding me back. Make-up is a new venture for the brand, and I was a tad suspicious that the results would be all talk, no walk.

When I was in London a couple of weeks ago, curiosity got the better of me and while in Topshop’s Oxford Street store, I decided to throw caution to the wind. After much consideration (and zero help from staff, despite how quiet it was on the shopfloor) I walked away with Brighton Rock, a semi-matte lipstick in a bright shade of coral, mixed with a dash of fuchsia.

It’s a lot brighter than my MAC lipstick (Speak Louder, in case you’re wondering) so I’d be more inclined to wear it for a night out, or paired with just a slick of mascara during the day. I love the matte finish BUT – and I think this would be problematic (for me) with any matte lipstick – I did find it very drying. That dryness is presumably the tradeoff you make for having a matte finish, however if you can recommend any matte lipsticks that don’t have the same effect then let me know by commenting below.

At £8 I think this lipstick is good value for money, though I feel I’d need to use a moisturising lip balm underneath if I were to wear this on a daily basis. It seems as if the lipstick is a different colour in each of my photos, so as with any review I’d recommend trying it out yourself before committing to buying, but it is a wonderfully youthful colour and the perfect weekend treat!

Have you tried any products from Topshop’s Make Up range? Or do you have a brand of lipstick you swear by?

Topshop Make Up: Lips in Brighton Rock
Topshop Make Up: I’m a sucker for simple packaging!
Topshop lipstick in Brighton Rock
Topshop lipstick in Brighton Rock
Brighton Rock is a warm, bright pink shade
Brighton Rock is a warm, bright pink shade