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    Clashing prints and denim jeans

    Long-time readers will know that I love my prints. From floral trousers to vintage sundresses, my wardrobe is choc-full of colour and print. Recently I’ve been drawn to simpler, more minimalistic (for me, at least) clothing combinations, mostly due a relative new obsession with denim. Barley a week has gone by when I haven’t reached […]

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  • Vintage Florals in Golden Gate Park

    Golden Gate Park is one of my favourite places to spend a Sunday afternoon as it’s closed to vehicles for the day, making it ever so slightly safer to stand in the middle of the road to take outfit photos… The weather has been lovely and warm recently, so taking our bikes and books to […]

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  • Why Not Now

    So right now we’ve been in San Francisco for just under 48 hours. Initial impressions are that sunshine in late November is awesome (it was around 20 degrees yesterday), the blueberry pancakes are just as good as I remember and that I need to work on my Californian annunciation, as no one can understand me […]