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  • #LoveWins and Pride SF

    Posing in front of 18th and Castro

      The last few days have been full of ups and downs here in San Francisco. The down being that the Mr and I missed our first Glastonbury Festival in seven years (Timehop has been a blessing and a curse for reminding us what we’re missing) – first world problem, much? One of the highs […]

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  • Snap Happy

    Today’s outfit post might provoke a bit of a Marmite reaction, but I hope the majority of you will fall into my camp and be utterly in love with this gold camera bag from Accessorize. I recall seeing it in store yonks ago but it wasn’t until the lovely Lily mentioned that it was on sale […]

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  • Why Not Now

    So right now we’ve been in San Francisco for just under 48 hours. Initial impressions are that sunshine in late November is awesome (it was around 20 degrees yesterday), the blueberry pancakes are just as good as I remember and that I need to work on my Californian annunciation, as no one can understand me […]