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Dry Skin Saviours for Winter

Dry skin products for winterIt’s no secret that dry skin and winter are not the best of friends. If you’ve read some of my previous beauty posts, you’ll know that I’ve been blessed with very dry skin all year-round, which is a pain in the neck, especially at this time of year when the cold weather makes it even worse.

Fortunately I have built up an arsenal of dry skin saviours over the years, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite products for those of you who are looking for a dose of hydration this winter.

The Shampoo: Roots by Lush

Newsflash! If you suffer from dry skin on your face, chances are your scalp can get a little dry too. I used to be very self-conscious about the dry skin around my hairline but this gloopy pot of joy (technically known as a scalp treatment) has turned my haircare routine on it’s head, no pun intended… I think it’s designed to boost fine hair but used once a fortnight in rotation with my normal shampoo, the combination of peppermint, nettle and honey leaves my hair squeaky clean, super-soft and free of pesky dryness.

The Cleanser: Melting Cleansing Balm c/o Merumaya

Using the wrong cleanser can dry out skin and leave it feeling tight and uncomfortable, regardless of your skin type. That’s why I prefer using cleansing oils and balms, like this one from Merumaya. I hate to state the obvious, but this balm really does do what it says on the tin, or in this case, tube. It melts into the skin and, combined with a trusty muslin cloth and some hot water, it feels luxurious and not at all drying.

The Mask: Drink Up Intensive overnight mask by Origins

The fruity smell of this face mask is almost reason enough to buy it, beyond how great it feels on the skin. Unlike regular face masks, this one is designed to stay on the skin overnight, making it incredibly rich. I’ve had a few Origins mini facials and this product always makes an appearance thanks to its thirst-quenching properties. It feels so nourishing and now I have my own tube, I like to use it once every couple of weeks.

The Moisturiser: Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil by Pai

Ok, so technically this is a face oil as opposed to a cream-based moisturiser, but us dry skinned folks need all the help we can get and an oil is a great alternative or addition to a moisturising routine. I purchased this particular product after spotting a review by Gh0stparties earlier this year and I’m so pleased I did as a couple of drops of this in the morning soothes and hydrates my skin.

The All-Rounder: Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden

A cult beauty product, this balm is fantastic for dry-skin niggles, from chapped lips to dry patches on elbows and hands. Yes, the smell and bright apricot colour are a little odd (as is the fact that this was originally designed for use on Elizabeth Arden’s thoroughbred horses) but the benefits far outweigh this. If you suffer from dry skin but also like to exercise outdoors in winter then a smidgen of balm on your cheeks and lips can also protect them from the elements – ideal if you’re like me and partake in an (occasional) early morning run.

What skincare products do you swear by at this time of year?

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The Little Things #4

The Little Things4August has been a wonderful month for me so I thought it was about time for another Little Things post. As always with these posts, these are life’s little pleasures that I’ve been enjoying recently, from watching a film or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Blogging about: Nothing while I was away – I took the opportunity to have a blogging break, which also turned into a social media ban, since Uganda isn’t exactly a wi-fi hub.
Listening to: Perhaps unsurprisingly, tracks from The Lion King were belted out by all of us on safari, so The Circle of Life has been stuck on repeat in my head since we got back last weekend.
Watching: Films on the plane, including Cuban Fury (very funny), The Other Woman (very predictable) and The Other Shore (very inspiring), a documentary about the incredible sportswoman Diana Nyad, and her attempts at swimming from Cuba to Florida. Oh, and GBBO, obviously.
Buying: Lots of charity shop clothes before I went away, including a beautiful lavender dress from  the 70s that still had its tags on. Blog post coming soon…
Reading: Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding. I’m a big Bridget fan and bought this book a couple of months ago in preparation for our holiday. It was hilarious and the only downside is that I finished it within only a few days. While catching up on blog reading I also read Carrie’s honest post on body image. Talking about such personal details on the internet can be a scary thing but hopefully Carrie’s post will speak to those readers who think that to blog about fashion you need to look a certain way.
Doing: Lots of sight-seeing. Our road trip covered nearly 1,700 miles of Uganda and although driving along pothole-ridden dirt tracks for hours on end was hard going, it enabled us to see so many different communities and landscapes.
Eating: Copious amounts of fresh fruit, avocados the size of a human head and lots of fish. Since I’ve been back I’ve been trying to recreate some of the delicacies we enjoyed in Uganda, including these banana pancakes.
Shooting: Hundreds of photos of gorillas, elephants, giraffes and warthogs on my DSLR and Diana Mini camera. You can see some in this post.
Enjoying: Being able to totally switch off and not worry about ‘real life’ for a couple of weeks. Being on holiday can often be like operating in your own little bubble, and it’s lovely while it lasts.
Looking forward to: The last of our British summer – I refuse to believe it’s over just yet!

That’s what I’ve been enjoying this August, what about you?

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Bookbarn International Out of Print Fashion Show

Bookbarn International Out of Print fashion showIf you’d told me a few weeks ago that I’d be attending a fashion show where all the garments were made from paper, and that I’d meet one of the stars of my favourite TV show, I would have been more than a tad surprised.

But that’s exactly what happened one Friday last month. The event in question was Out of Print, a fashion show arranged by Bookbarn International and judged by a panel including none other than Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark, of Game of Thrones fame.

Paper dressIn case you haven’t heard of it before (as I hadn’t), Bookbarn International is a huge warehouse of used books, all of which cost just £1 each, located on the outskirts of Bristol near Shepton Mallet. There are literally thousands of titles covering every topic imaginable, from autobiographies and fiction to history, science and Penguin Classics.

A couple of months ago Bookbarn International set 12 local designers the challenge of creating an outfit out of just a handful of books, chosen at random. The result was an evening of unique, painstakingly created garments shown on a runway in the centre of the barn. I went along to support my friend Shelley (who I’m delighted to say picked up a prize for her beautiful two-piece and bookbag) so naturally I took along my camera, too.

Here are some photos from the evening, including one of me and my new BFF…

Paper roses Delicate paper roses adorn a Disney princess-esque skirtA nature inspired paper outfitA colourful nature-inspired paper outfitPaper princess dressThis paper princess dress was modelled alongside the Frozen theme tune ‘Let It Go’Waterfall paper dress at Bookbarn InternationalA beautiful, waterfall back dress was one of the 12 unique entrieslace and paper top hatA miniature top hat made from paper, lace and ribbonsLayered paper skirtLayers of pages and black netting make up this princess skirt One of the winning designsDesigner Shelly and model Charlotte show off one of the winning designs Maise Williams at the Out of Print fashion showMaisie Williams and I at the Out of Print fashion show – I had serious eyebrow envy!

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