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  • Lomo Love: Uganda

    It’s time for another slice of Lomo Love, and this one is all about our recent trip to Uganda. I took my Mini Diana lomography camera along for the trip as it was small enough to carry inside my DSLR camera bag, though I had mixed results with it. These images are a small slice of […]

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  • (Camera) Bag Lady: L & K Get Married

    At the beginning of the the month, two very special people got married. The wedding, put together on a shoestring and organised in just seven weeks, took place in a little village in Oxfordshire. We have another wedding to go to this weekend and it will be a different type of celebration altogether, but the […]

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  • San Francisco Photo Diary

    Due to having spent the last five days in a very muddy field (I’ll see you again next year, Glastonbury!), today’s outfit post is being replaced by a photo diary of my holiday to San Francisco. This post is long overdue since our holiday was in March, but I was waiting until I was able […]

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  • Photographing Outfit Posts in Public

    Outfit posts are a funny thing, aren’t they? I think if you’re a fashion, style or any form of visual blogger you’re always aware of your surroundings, both present and future, and the possibilities that lie within. A quaint back street, a perfect sunset or a vibrant focal point such a red telephone box or […]

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  • Lomo Love: Living for the Weekend

    I finally feel like I’m getting to grips with my Diana Dreamer and, to me at least, that’s nothing short of exciting! This roll is another batch of Colour Negative 100 film and it might just be that these shots were taken in sunnier weather, but they definitely feel warmer than the previous roll. These double exposures […]