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Flowers double exposure

What a spectacular absence I’ve had from this space. All good intentions for a reflection of my time in the UK back in September, and a handful of Little Things posts, went out the window some time around the beginning of October.  

After nearly a month of traveling (between New York, New Orleans, and ricocheting back and forth across the UK), jumping straight back into work, and a duathlon five days after I landed, I was wiped out. When that happens, my creative energy goes out the window. I’ve felt blocked for a while now but am starting to come back to the pursuits that have been placed on the back burner, like the podcast, freelance pitching, and this little blog. 

I also picked up one of my cameras for the first time in ages this month, and just got the digital files back. This photo is from my Diana F+ camera, one of several a double exposures that I made on a recent artist date,* and it reminded me just how much I miss mucking around with analogue photography. 

This site is over 10 years old now, and in that time my investment in it has ebbed and flowed. Right now I’m not sure where it’s at, and haven’t been since I got my new job – not so new since I just celebrated my one year work anniversary. Like Lily, I’ve felt flummoxed about how to utilize this space in a way that works for me. While I figure that out, I’m going to attempt not to beat myself up about not posting, and take pleasure in when I do. 

*Artist dates are one of the pillars of The Artist’s Way, which is a book/course aimed at helping unblock stuck creatives. I’m a few weeks in and TBD on if it’s working, but I’m here writing this, so it must be doing something! 


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