The Little Things #27 – Jet Setting + Netflix Hype

Mission Dolores Park
All those memes about January feeling like the longest month of the year ring true – this last week in particular seemed to drag on, and it feels like a lifetime ago that M and I were in Portugal. It was in fact only 30 days, but a lot has happened since then. Including a trip to Las Vegas, the decision to stay in the States over going back to the UK for a family matter, and getting to meet my goddaughter! As always, here are the Little Things that made January one to remember…

Blogging about: …Tumbleweed… Moving swiftly on…
Watching: We’ve finally jumped on the The Marvelous Mrs Maisel bandwagon and I’m loving it. I also fully gave in to Marie Kondo and Fyre Festival documentary fever this month. The Hulu version gets my vote and yes, I do have several bags of clothes destined for the charity shop now.
Making: Earlier this month I went to a watercolour workshop with a few girlfriends and it felt so good to be dabbling in painting again. I studied fine arts at college and used to have a menagerie of art supplies when I lived back in the UK but aside from trying my hand at sketching and calligraphy, it’s been years since I was physically creative in this way. The workshop was only a couple of hours long, but I came away with a so-so painting of a succulent and all the tools I need to start painting, so really there’s no excuse not to give it another go.
Buying: A rather expensive Gucci treat from Heathrow – duty free discounts, FTW!
Reading: Leap In by Alexandra Heminsley, Dark Places by Gillian Flynn and Normal People by Sally Rooney, which I absolutely loved. I also read We Should All Be Feminists byChimamanda Ngozi Adichie, marking one whole year of reading work only by women.
Listening to: Random “girl power” playlists and classical music, because life is a rich tapestry.
Wearing: Polka dots on polka dots, cozy jumpers and my yellow fisherman’s jacket, because it’s been raining a lot here this month.
Eating: My first ever Taco Bell, delicious pastel de nata in Portugal, and all the leftover Christmas chocolates.
Enjoying: Spending time in Portugal (Lisbon and Sintra) – this trip was a post-vacation vacation, and a wonderful opportunity to enjoy Europe while M and I still have maroon passports. Our friends L & K also came to stay for a few days en route to New Zealand, so we got to hang out with them and their two children, including our new goddaughter! She’s already 11 months old so technically not that new, but due to living on different continents, we’d only been able to see her via Skype before this visit.
Looking forward to: Staying put in February. Portugal was wonderful and Las Vegas was good too – I was there for work and very jet lagged, hence sounding less than enthralled about it – but I’m looking forward to not travelling anywhere for a few weeks.

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