Impractical Style: Just a Girl and Her Lobster Shoes

Kurt Keiger Otter shoes
There’s a scene in that terrible film (don’t judge me), In Her Shoes, staring Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette, where Diaz laughs at prim and proper Collette’s extroverted shoe collection, asking why she has so many pairs she never wears. Collette answers that “clothes never look any good, food makes me fat, but shoes always fit.” Despite having watched it eons ago, I sometimes think about that scene when I look at my own footwear collection.

Practical for the most part, it still contains a couple of pairs of heels I can’t properly walk in, shoes that pinch and a pair of silver glitter ankle boots one size too small that I refuse to part with. Falling squarely in the pretty-not-practical category are these lobster shoes.

high street ootd

Hailing from Kurt Geiger and a gift from my little sister-in-law, I was struck by how fun and utterly silly these mules were as soon as I saw them online. Can I ride a bike in them or run for the bus without falling over? Unlikely. But these lobster shoes bring a smile to my face regardless of whether or not they’re on my feet, and isn’t that enjoyment just as valid?

Having said that, walking is my main mode of transportation and I get very frustrated if I buy a pair of shoes that literally can’t go the distance. In defense of the lobsters, at least I knew from the get-go that there was no way in hell I’d be able to walk very far in them. Maybe that’s why I look so mardy in these photos…

Moss green jumper – H&M / Glittery lavender midi skirt – H&M / Lobster mules – Kut Geiger / Backpack – Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff bag and Kurt Geiger shoesRebecca Minkoff Julian backpackHM outfit and Kurt Gieger shoesVintage 50s sunglassesHM outfit with lobster shoesHoney bear San Francisco

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