Feminist Bookshelf pt.3: The Podcast Edition

Feminist podcast list

I know, I know, technically these aren’t books, but some of my favourite podcasts cover feminism and topical issues from a female perspective. If you’re actually looking for books to add to your feminist reading list, check out previous Feminist Bookshelf posts here and here.

The original feminist radio show, BBC Four’s Women’s Hour covers every topic concerning women under the sun, from female genital mutilation to pensions, and everything in between. It makes me feel connected to current affairs in the UK, and while being part of the BBC family means opinions from presenters Jenni Murray and Jane Garvey err on the side of neutral, the debates they preside over are always very interesting.
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Currently on hiatus while presenter Dawn O’Porter is on maternity leave (please come back, Dawn!), this podcast delves into the relationships and associations we have with clothes and personal style. It doesn’t claim to have a feminist slant, but Dawn has a way of coaxing out topical and historical issues through the female guests she speaks to, with power and agency often being at the heart of how women choose to dress.
An entrepreneur who found fame not only through her business, Nasty Gal, but through coining the term ‘Girlboss,’ Sophia Amerosu interviews other girlbosses about their careers, from race car drivers to CEOs. The podcast format has evolved over the last year or so and Amerosu has honed her interview skills to deliver conversations with some seriously inspiring women. Hearing the career trajectories of such diverse guests, along with a side dose of solid career advice, never fails to inspire me.
I feel like I’ve been living under a podcast-shaped rock as I only recently started listening to The Guilty Feminist, presented by Deborah Francis-White, towards the end of last year. This live-format comedy podcast tackles serious issues in a humorous way (the history of the suffragette movement as told through a hip-hop musical? You got it!) with a roster of hilarious comedians, audience participation and topical subjects. Proof that you can be flawed and a feminist.

Recently back from maternity leave, this is the ever-evolving podcast by London-based journalists, Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes, who previously presented the Sunday Times STYLE’s Pandolly podcast. Alderton and Sykes discuss cultural issues of the moment, from the high brow to the low brow. What I particularly like about their camaraderie is that opinions, from pop culture to period poverty, are often divided. There is a dialogue between the two that is genuine and honest, even when they disagree with one another. While both admit to having privileged backgrounds, they acknowledge their privilege and have become one of my favourite podcasts to listen to each week.

Want even more feminist podcast recommendations? Check out this KQED article.

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