Bardot Tops in Tulum

Tulum beach OOTD
Relaxation was the order of the day while we were in Tulum, so I didn’t think much about blogging at all, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take some photographs on one of the beautiful beaches before we left.

These photos were taken on our last day, just after breakfast and before our final dip in the sea. I’m windswept, make-up free and probably a tiny bit sunburnt but I don’t care – they are a reflection of my state of being during our holiday.

I mentioned it in my Tulum travel diary but M and I had previously never seen the appeal of a beach holiday – a sitting in the sun for hours, moving only to reapply sunscreen or turn the pages of a book holiday. However, while I love city breaks and adventures in the countryside, I can finally understand the lure of sea, sunshine and simplicity.

Tulum beach view

Sure, we fitted in diving, snorkeling, ruins and swimming, but we/I also benefited hugely from stillness. We weren’t completely ‘switched off’ but checking emails and worrying about work was banned. Even when I’m at home I often worry that I’m not doing ‘enough’ – reading enough, blogging enough, watching the latest Netflix show or learning to cook five new recipes a week from the cookbook I got for Christmas. Tulum was an antidote to that. Swinging in a hammock was enough. Reading a chapter or two of my book, if I felt like it, was enough. Floating (interspersed with furious doggie paddle) in the sea was enough.

As far as clothes go, I did that typical thing of packing more than I needed, living in bikinis, a couple of lightweight tops and the same pair of denim shorts most of the time. I did bring this Bardot top from H&M though, which I rarely wear at home, even though it’s probably warm enough. Perhaps my shoulders are shy. The skirt is vintage, possibly found at a Bristol Kilo Sale many moons ago, and was perfect for the flight as it was loose, elasticated at the waist and had pockets big enough for my phone and passport.

Next up, one last post from Tulum…

Bardot top and vintage skirt in TulumBoats at Tulum BeachBardot top at Tulum beachWatching the sea OOTDTulum beach OOTDLooking out to sea

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