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One of the best things about writing these kinds of posts is having a legitimate reason to scroll back through all the photos of food I ate during our holidays. In fact, I was so ready to eat my way around New York that I even reverted back to a Whole30 mindset for two weeks prior, as a kind of detox.

Although food is always on my mind, there are obviously lots of fun activities to do besides eating, so without further ado, in a follow up to last year’s guide to Manhattan, here are five more things to eat, shop and do in New York.

Takumi Chelsea Market

Grab lunch at Chelsea Market

This huge indoor market is made up of lots of food stalls and a handful of local boutiques selling clothes and homewares. There are a couple of floors of offices above the marketplace and I honestly don’t know how anyone who works in the building can resist the lure of fresh lobster rolls, artisan hummus or the wealth of chocolate shops below. We opted for a Mexican-Japanese stall called Takumi for a quick lunch that hit the spot nicely.

Whitney Art Museum NYC

Have some museum time at the Whitney

Nestled at the southern end of the High Line (another must if you’re visiting New York) the Whitney Museum of American Art is a museum I’ve wanted to visit for ages and it didn’t disappoint. The newly opened Fast Forward: Painting from the 1980s show was good but it was their Human Interest portraiture exhibition made up of works from the permanent collection that I really enjoyed, featuring works by Grace Hartigan, Kerry James Marshall and Annette Lemieux.

Raclette NYC

Eat (so much) cheese at Raclette NYC

I know this is another food recommendation, but if you love cheese as much as I do, lunch at Raclette is a must. This restaurant first came to my attention a year ago when a video of it’s gooey delicacies went viral on Facebook. At the time it was a tiny hole in the wall in the East Village with maybe five or six tables, but it’s since moved to a larger venue nearby, so getting a table for four on a ‪Thursday afternoon was no problem. Although Raclette serve a variety of sandwiches, burgers and the like, it’s the melting wheels of cheese that make this place worth every calorie. The dishes the cheese is served on top of are fairly simple, such as ham, greens and potatoes, or roasted tomatoes, asparagus and bread, leaving the cheese to be the star of the show.

Stella Vintage Greenwich Village

Stroll around Bleeker St / Greenwich Village

One of my favourite parts of Manhattan, Greenwich Village, is a leafy, bustling area with a great and plentiful selection of boutiques, bars and brunch spots. The brownstone houses and tree-lined streets (including the stoop belonging to a certain Carrie Bradshaw) are charming and excellent for lazy Sunday strolling. The area is also surrounded by bigger attractions, such as the aforementioned Whitney Museum and Chelsea Market, along with Washington Square Park and the High Line.

Cookie DO NYC

Chow down on cookie dough at DŌ

Saving the sweetest until last, one thing you really should do if you love dessert is try the latest confection of the moment (au revoir, macarons) – the DŌ cookie dough bar. Although the company has been around for a while, the first New York bar only opened at the end of January this year, hence why I had to spend 45 minutes queuing, along with what felt like half the city. Was it worth it? Yes! The staff were helpful and cheerful, letting me try several samples until I settled on a combo of two flavours; their signature ‘commando’ dough and and one with white chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles. If you don’t fancy waiting in line, or are traveling with people who aren’t blessed with a sweet tooth, try to come as close to ‪10am as possible, when DŌ first opens. I arrived just after ‪11am and by the time I left the queue had doubled in size.

Those are my suggestions for some great things to eat, shop and do in New York – what are yours?


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