A Day at the Seaside

Posing by the Cath Kidston beach huts

Aren’t those Cath Kidston beach huts gorgeous? This day feels like months ago but it was only six weeks ago that I was on British soil, having the loveliest day by the seaside with my parents.

I grew up in Bournemouth, where these photos were taken, and have many fond memories of summer weekends spent at the seaside, carting cool boxes of sandwiches and inflatable rubber rings from car to beach, jumping waves and eating Calypso ice lollies. Even the time I was chased into the sea by a determined wasp who was after my foot-shaped ice cream (does anyone remember those!?) is now viewed solely through rose-tinted glasses.

Fast-forward twenty years and visit to the UK in summer could only mean one thing – a walk along the seafront. The three of us ate delicious New Forest ice creams, soaked up the sun and marveled at the beautiful colour-coordinated beach huts. For the occasion I wore this pretty jersey dress from Warehouse. I actually picked it up in the sale a few days earlier as I didn’t pack enough clothes for the whole trip, at least that’s the story I’m sticking to…

It was lovely to be able to spend an extra week in the UK and have some quality time with my family – weekly Skype chats are the best but there’s nothing quite like a stroll along the seaside with two of my favourite people to make the perfect day out.

Many thanks to Papa Ship-Shape for taking these photos!

Monochrome Breton dress –  Warehouse / Oak ‘Effie’ bag – Mulberry / Gold sneakers  – Zara

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  1. August 25, 2015 / 9:43 pm

    These pics are so much fun! I love these little huts. I haven’t been to Bournemouth for YEARS.

    P.S There’s a dress similar to this by F&F – I need it!

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