Our San Francisco Apartment Tour

Good luck cardsFinding an apartment in San Francisco isn’t easy – competition is rife, rent is expensive and by all accounts it can take months to find a place to call home. During our first week in the city we dedicated our time to viewing apartments, attending open houses and familiarising ourselves with the areas we wanted to live in.

After looking at a mere 18 places we found The One, and as we’ve been in it for just over a week, I thought I’d give you the grand tour. Most one bedroom places can be quite pokey (or at least the ones that fitted inside our budget were) but we lucked out with this place – it has beautiful original wooden floors, high ceilings and lovely large bay windows.

Union jack cushionAs soon as we walked through the door I knew I could see us living here, and I’m so happy we managed to find a place with time to settle in before Christmas. One of the first things I did was put up all the ‘good luck’ and ‘bon voyage’ cards given to us by friends and family, followed by starting to assemble a new collection of colour coded books, though it’s a little way off my old one.

We had some of our belongings shipped over from Bristol (mostly clothes, kitchenware and photos) but we sold most of our furniture before we left, so I spent hours combing through Craigslist and local thrift stores to find what we needed, including a free armchair, a 60s wooden finish dining table and a beautiful chest of drawers with brass handles.

Here are a few photos of our new San Francisco sanctuary…

Trhift shop dining table and chairsCheese side platesMy wardrobeOur apartment tourKeep calm and marry on embroideryRed air chair and wooden floor boardsChristmas tree and framed photos

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13 Comment

  1. Sophie says: Reply

    OMG your apartment is amaze!!!! So lovely! :)

    1. SJ says: Reply

      Thanks Sophie!

  2. laura says: Reply

    You’ve found an amazing place! x

    1. SJ says: Reply

      We have indeed – it took a lot of looking but I’m so happy we found it :)

  3. Oh it looks great and you’re right at home! So glad you’re all settled for Christmas. Enjoy a hot one for a change xx

    1. SJ says: Reply

      Thanks Kathryn! I’m so pleased we were able to get in before Christmas – helped me to settle into the city a lot quicker I think x

  4. Niki says: Reply

    It looks beautiful! I can’t believe how quickly you’ve created a home! It’s taken us months…but then our things came over by sea and took three months to arrive. How good are Craigs List and the thrift stores?! We found some great second hand pieces, although I really struggled to find a good table – I’m a wee bit envious of yours! x

    1. SJ says: Reply

      Aww thanks Niki – you should do an apartment tour on your blog – I’d love to see how you’ve styled your Pittsburgh pad :) x

  5. Tara says: Reply

    I’m really happy you guys found a nice place to call home, I love that you shipped your personal bits over! :)

    1. SJ says: Reply

      Thanks T! We were really lucky that the relocation package included shipping some bits and bobs – it’s really helped to make this place feel like home :)

  6. Lily says: Reply

    Can’t wait to visit!! :D

    Glad you’re settling in nicely my lovely, we all miss you :(

    1. SJ says: Reply

      Miss you, too! Hope you get you butt (check me out, with the American lingo) out here soon :) x

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