A Ugandan Adventure

On safari in UgandaHello! It’s been a while… On Saturday I got back from a two week holiday/road trip/adventure in Uganda. The purpose of the trip was to visit friends who are currently working out there and, having never been to Africa before, it was a trip I was both excited and wracked with nerves for.

In two weeks, seven of us drove over 1,000 miles in two 4x4s, visiting national parks and forests, trekking with chimpanzees and gorillas, watching giraffes graze on trees and birds perched daintily on top of hippos. We drove through villages where avocados and tomatoes were stacked with precision, where women carried bundles of sticks and jerry cans full of water on their heads, and where children waved and shouted ‘muzungo muzungo!’ [foreigner] at us. It was so removed from any country I’ve ever visited and all the more incredible for it.

I had a total social media/news/blogging break while I was away, but I did take my camera along for the ride. Here are some of the best bits of the trip, including a random outfit photo taken on the last day. Appearance was so far down on my list of priorities while I was away – practicality was key and as the country’s dusty red earth clung to us wherever we went, old clothes were favoured over vintage dresses or anything pale in colour.

Anywho, without further ado, here’s a giraffe!

Giraffe at Murchison FallsUgandan travel guideA lone outfit photoUgandan children at RushagaSouthern UgandaBandas at Nshongi Gorilla CampElephants at Queen Elizabeth ParkUgandan childrenThe sunset at Lake AlbertChamelion on a stick

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  1. Oh wow, I am so utterly jealous (and I was wondering where you were at lately!)

  2. Maria says: Reply

    Oh my goodness, this looks amazing, what an adventure!

    Maria xxx

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  4. Tara O says: Reply

    I love the photo of the children! It must’ve been an incredible experience. <3

  5. Wow looks like an amazing trip! Sometimes it is good to get away from social media, computers etc for a while.

    1. SJ says: Reply

      It was definitely great to take a break – there were so many more interesting things going on the screen of my phone and this was the perfect place to step away from the computer!

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  7. As they say in Uganda: Picha nzuri sana.

    1. SJ says: Reply

      Thanks Tom!

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