Lazy Sunday Breakfast: Avocado & Pancetta Toast

Avocado toast recipeI think in the year and a bit that I’ve been on Instagram, I’ve posted avocado related photos around a thousand times. Shop-bought guacamole aside, I only tried avocado for the first time last summer, and since then I’ve become hooked on the stuff, most notably in the form of this recipe, which is my favourite breakfast to eat on a lazy weekend morning.

This recipe is super simple and although avocado toast seems to be quite fashionable at the moment, I can assure you that this recipe is far better than just using an avocado like butter, and came about by combining two over my favourite foods – cheese and avocados!

Avocado and pancetta toast ingredientsAvocado & Pancetta Toast

Two slices of wholegrain bread
One whole avocado
Six slices of mature cheddar
A handful of pancetta 
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to season

Mashed avocado with salt and pepper1. Toast the bread of your choice – I use Soya & Linseed bread by Burgen, but any will do. While the bread is toasting, fry the pancetta in a dash of olive oil until cooked.

2. Halve the avocado, discard the stone and scoop the contents into a bowl. I like to use a whole avocado in this recipe because I’m greedy, but if you prefer you can just use half.* Add a little salt and pepper and drizzle the bowl with olive oil. You don’t need much, as avocados are packed with natural oils, but this just helps loosen it a bit. Take a fork and lightly mash the avocado.

3. Once the bread has been toasted, layer it with slices of cheddar, then spoon on the mashed avocado and spread evenly across each slice. Add the cooked pancetta on top and now you’re ready to serve your avocado toast!

Avocado toast on Sophie Conran chopping boardWhen we have guests I whip out this beautiful board, sent to me by Sophie Conran, to serve the toast on, and although its purpose in life is to be chopped on, I think it’s far too pretty, hence why it’s become my favourite serving platter**.

The boards are actually a collaboration between Sophie and the Bristol-based company T&G, and come inscribed with ‘made with love’ and ‘make every day a beautiful day’, both of which are perfectly suited to serving home baked treats on. Any excuse to make another batch of brownies…

*Seriously? You don’t want the whole thing? You have more willpower than me. If you want to find a way to stop the other half of your avocado going brown and funky, check out this post by A Thrifty Mrs.
**You know you’re getting older when you start professing your love for serving platters…

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  1. July 20, 2014 / 10:16 am

    I also have a love for serving on cutting boards and must be old too because I can talk about them for ages!!!

    • SJ
      August 6, 2014 / 6:11 am

      Haha, glad it’s not just me!

  2. July 25, 2014 / 9:12 pm

    Avocados ftw. I can’t quite get over the disappointing difference between the Californian-grown avocados I had in LA and Santa Cruz and the pathetic “ripe and ready” ones back here. The best I’ve had recently have been cheap ones from Lidl that I’ve ripened in the banana bowl and 3-forĀ£1 ones from Greengrocers on Gloucester Rd.
    I think the best avocado toast experience is a wholemeal pitta slathered with smushy avocado and a little sprinkling of salt.
    I’d guess Bakers & Co would do a pretty damn good version too.

    • SJ
      August 6, 2014 / 6:13 am

      Mmm, the pitta bread version sounds delicious!

      I agree – avocados are so overpriced for what you get, though Lidl’s ones are pretty good. I do like the Gloucester Road options too but they’re often pretty small, which means (if you’re greedy like me) you might want to use two small ones in this recipe :) x

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