Sharing the Blog Love: The Beauty Edition

Beauty blogger blog lovet’s been a while since I’ve penned a Blog Love post but since I’m in the middle of tidying up my dressing table and increasingly large make-up stash, I thought it was time to spread a little love and list some of my favourite beauty bloggers…

Vivianna Does Makeup

I started watching Anna’s videos in December and her personable, chatty descriptions of products and make-up looks has kept me coming back for more. I love the informal language she uses on her blog and the way she isn’t afraid to make fun of herself and her beauty mishaps. If you start reading her blog though, I can assure you that you’ll be buying up half of your local Space NK before you can say ‘enabler’!


I’ve only been reading Jen’s blog for a couple of months but the crisp layout, simple but considered photography and honest, story-telling copy has me hooked. Although there are plenty of make-up and skincare reviews to read, there are also regular posts about blogging and life/organisation tips – it’s always interesting to see the work process of others so this is an added bonus.


I came across Kate’s site a few weeks ago when I was researching the skincare brand Pai. Her recommendation for the Pai rosehip facial oil was so in-depth and helpful that I tracked down a bottle the following week and have been using it daily ever since. The girl knows her stuff when it comes to skincare, and regular features such as ‘Game-Changing Beauty’ offer a different angle on beauty product reviews.

What are your must-read blogs to read at the moment? Share links to your favourites in the comments below!

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