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RTW Brandenburg Gate polaroid


The reason the blog has been a little quiet is that I was busy in Berlin, eating pastries and catching up with my friend who now lives over there. It was a brilliant trip, though it was marred slightly by me catching a bug on the way home – needless to say, an aeroplane is not the place to be when you’re feeling unwell. I took lots of photos during the trip so will be posting about my adventures soon.


This weekend Mr Ship-Shape and I finally got around to using the pie dish and Pieminister book that my mother gave us last Christmas. He made the filling (‘moo and blue’) while I had a stab at making rough puff pastry for the first time, attempting my best Great British Bake Off impression in the process. Shockingly it turned out rather well and our dinner guests gobbled up every last crumb – eat your heart out, Paul Hollywood!

Pretty Nostalgic magazine

A couple of weekends ago I was invited to attend the Pretty Nostalgic gathering at Kingsweston House. As part of my press kit I received a couple of copies of the magazine and have finally had a chance to read this ‘spend wisely, waste less, appreciate more’ paper approach to life.

The design makes my heart sing – square matte pages filled with textured backgrounds, quirky illustrations and ever-so-slightly aged photography – and the features are just as satisfying, covering every topic from the evolution of swimwear in line with ideals of the female body, to cider pressing and tips for spotting genuine vintage finds. If you’re inspired by vintage living or simply making life stretch a little further, it’s well worth a read. For more info on the magazine, take a look at their website.

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