Floral Fancies from Topshop and H&M

Printed floral trousers | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

Florals, florals, florals! In the sales a couple of weeks ago I went on a bit of a floral frenzy, clearing Topshop and H&M out of their printed trousers.

In S/S collections florals, as much as I love them, can often look a little ‘safe’ or predictable. Autumnal florals, on the other hand, tend to be more exciting, perhaps becuase very few natural flowers are in bloom at this time of year. I particularly like wearing floral trousers as I feel flower prints and patterns are traditionally associated with dainty tea dresses, delicate jewellery and feminine circle skirts, but with printed trousers one can be more dynamic with what they pair them with.

These photos are some I took last weekend which I hope go some way to showcasing the gorgeous patterns of neon hydrangeas, red wine daisies (which featured in this outfit post) and graphic, ink blot lilies that Topshop and H&M’s print designers created, along with my current love of tulips.

Have a lovely weekend!

Printed trousers | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionTopshop neon floral print trousers | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionPurple tulips | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionH&M printed trousers | Ship-Shape and Bristol FashionTopshop floral print trousers | Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion

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  1. I’ve been coveting some floral trousers and almost bought some last week end, hindered only by not being able to negotiate an upstairs changing room in H&M in Bath! xx

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  3. I literally just brought those trousers today! £15 bargain :)
    I just followed you :)
    Would love if you could check out my blog/follow back?

    Emma (from Bristol too!)

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