Fashion: The years that time remembered

I find there is something rather fascinating about the humble pound shop (just go with me on this one). The peculiar gadgets, the oddball clientele and the sheer volume of products one can purchase for £1. OK so more often than not most of the stuff is rubbish but occasionally, if you look hard enough, you’ll come across a little gem in the entertainment section.

At the weekend I found this Cosmopolitan annual type book and I’ve found it hard to put down! The Best of Cosmopolitan: The 70s & 80s, apparently £15.99 in most good bookshops, is and archive of British Cosmo, from its early days where Micheal Parkinson was considered something of a sex god, to the fashions that time really should have forgot.

Whats worse is that so many of these obvious fashion faux pah’s are now seemingly familiar; the skater skirt, the harem pants and oh, the leggings – American Apparel must get a lot of their inspiration from relics like this!

Fashion of the 80’s: Emanuel, Liberty and Anna Beltrao


Apparently the 80’s was the era of the TCM: the Truly Caring Male

There is only one thing worse than an orange jumpsuit and that’s Vidal Sassoon as a Naked Centrefold! (Be grateful I’ve spared your eyes…)
A feature on New York’s famous roller disco, The Roxy

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