Thai Tee Tao

Crazy-busy few days but we’ve finally made it to Koh Tao, an island off the coast of Thailand situated near Koh Pahngan (famous for hedonism and full moon parties), to chill out and learn to scuba dive . Before we left Bangkok I picked up a vest that I’ve had my eye on since we first got here.

Long colourful vests adorned with Thai beer companies and semi naked girls seem to have found a place in the hearts of many backpackers and while I’m not normally a fan of overly saturated trends, I couldn’t resist this tee, above.

The camera design is so old school and similar to my Pentax K1000 that for 150bhat I just had to have one. I wanted something a little loose fitting for on the beach so I picked this guy vest, which has the added bonus of that ‘I’m wearing my boyfriends tee’ feel, though I don’t think my boy would be seen dead in a ‘wife beater’…

The photo doesn’t quite do it justice but I’m currently hovering between mildly burnt and mildly tanned, hence why wearing white doesn’t look too appalling!


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