Pyjama Party: Cambodian Style

At first I thought it was me, and all the crazy travelling around I’ve undertaken – I certainly haven’t been having my usual eight hours of shut-eye – but having been in Cambodia for three days now I can officially confirm that I’m not hallucinating.

The women and children of Cambodia are indeed wandering around in their pyjamas. And not just any old PJs either – these matching blouse and trouser combos come with an exciting array of cartoon animals and doodles on too. Sickeningly sweet cherry, heart and teddy bear designs adorn what most of us would only ever consider wearing under the covers, or perhaps on a quick trip to Tesco.

Although the image above (courtesy of the rather amusing Michelle’s in Cambodia) portrays a young girl, I’ve seen many women of all ages sporting what most of us would consider a fashion faux par. Designs aside, one of the strangest things to me is how neat and tidy these items of clothing are.

Cambodia is a dry, dusty and poverty stricken country and many of the clothes I’ve seen Cambodian women wearing understandably have these tell tale signs; washed out, worn and dirty around the edges. So far all the pyjamas I’ve seen have been pristine in appearance. According to some of the blog posts I’ve read, this is because the pyjama outfit is reserved for going out and is the height of fashion.

I’ll try to get some of my own pictures while in Phnom Penh but if you want to know more about this fashion fad then check out Challenge Nora or the blog mentioned above.


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