Vintage Fashion… In The Florida Sticks

Today I went to the Everglades National Park and after taking me to see some huge alligators, my lovely driver Bill took me to this crazy little town where ‘the oldest general store in the Everglades’ had been preserved just they way it was in the 50’s.

The Smallwood Store first opened its doors in 1906, serving as a place for weary travellers to stay and locals to by everything from chocolate to tobacco (a regular 7Eleven if you will), and is now a museum full of old Coke bottles, pharmaceutical packaging and animal skins.

While it was slightly disturbing to turn a corner and see a dead raccoon dangling in front of me, I loved looking through the old patterns, buttons and pieces of pristine clothing, such as the 1940s day dress, below.

Back in the day it was all about ‘make do and mend’ as popular fashion didn’t make it to the Everglades until the 1920’s

Buttons! I love the crinkled cardboard with all the old advertisements and illustrations

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