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Culling: For better or worse?

Blogging has unfortunately been rather nonexistent since I returned from the States on Friday, but I do have an excuse, honest.

The boyfriend and I are currently in the process of moving flats and I have been up to my neck in cardboard boxes, parcel tape and random belongings for days. We are both avoiding the bedroom at the moment, as, what with my half emptied suitcase and half-hearted attempts at packing, it looks like the wardrobe projectile vomited across the carpet, see below.

We are moving to a slightly bigger flat but I’m sick of having to fight just to retrieve an outfit from my over-stuffed wardrobe so I have volunteered to get rid of a few bits and bobs. Not only have I been forced to sell and charity shop some of my clothes, I now have to spend the afternoon going through all of my beloved fashion magazines, as I’ve promised I’ll get rid of some of ‘that junk’ before the move.

The upshot of this culling process means that I get reread half the magazines, purely so I know which ones to keep and which to chuck of course!

Alice by Alice Temperley S/S 2010

Hello Bristol! I’m back on (freezing cold) English soil after having spent the best part of the last 48 hours in transit. While I like the ‘rollercoaster’ aspect of airplanes (that would be taking off and landing), I’m not a massive fan of everything else in between; the food, the screaming children, the sardine-style seats…

So to take my mind off my seven hour flight (which turned into nearly ten thanks to the snow) I curled up with some fashion magazines and was delighted to find a new collection by Alice Temperley in the January issue of Marie Claire (US).

Simply entitled ‘Alice’ the collection is full of nautical stripes and military influences with a very British rock and roll edge. According to the designer, speaking to Marie Claire, the girl who would buy this collection ‘listens to The Killers, Gorillaz and The Cure – she likes to mix things up’. Apparently Temperley cites the likes of it-girls Georgia Jagger and Alice Dellal as her inspiration but I think the London feel will be something accessible to the masses, evoking a kind of year-long festival style. Love it.

Florida Bag Lady

So when I started packing for my flight home last week I noticed something quite disturbing: my suitcase had shrunk. Ok, well that’s not strictly true. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that while staying in Florida these last couple of months I’ve accumulated more clothes than I had intended. And now they won’t all fit back in the suitcase.

I’ve never had a need for one of those irritatingly small carry-on suitcases on wheels until now, and didn’t relish the thought of parting with nearly $100 for something I’ll probably never use again. That’s why I was delighted with this total find, above, from The Rose Garden. Not only does the case fit within airline baggage restrictions, it comes in a ‘so garish I love it’ floral patten, with a satchel thrown in for good measure. And all for a ridiculously cheap $12.
The shoulder bag/satchel is sure to come in handy once I’m back in Bristol and I’m loving the sheer ‘granny’ feel the set has to it. All I have to do now is find a space for the bag in my suitcase…


Blog of The Week: Frassy

I’m currently trying to write an article about winter trends for Bristol, all the way from sunny Florida, so naturally I’ve spent the last hour blog surfing in a bid to become the world’s best (or should that be worst?) procrastinator. Thankfully I did though, because that’s how I found Frassy, this week’s BoW.
I knew I was onto a winner when I clocked the use of ‘label maker’ fonts – a typeface I’ve always loved, not to mention label makers in general, of which I which I am a proud owner (geeky, I know). Then came the Polaroids and use of black and white – this may sound cliche, but all are big ticks on my design radar.

Frassy is Audrey Lieghton, the English Lit student based in Spain/Durham with a passion for vintage and all things boho. Each post starts with a famous literary quote, with artfully haphazard shots of her posing in outfits (often charity shop and vintage finds), and the stunted prose reminds me a little of Hunter S. Thompson.

Not only does Audrey have a beautifully presented blog, she also sells her own homemade t-shirts and some vintages pieces on her sister site, Frassy Rags. The only disappointment I found was that a gorgeous worn brown leather bag I had my eye on had already been sold. I’m not sure if the store was a one off thing or how often it is updated but hopefully this stylish student will have more stock soon…

Vintage Fashion… In The Florida Sticks

Today I went to the Everglades National Park and after taking me to see some huge alligators, my lovely driver Bill took me to this crazy little town where ‘the oldest general store in the Everglades’ had been preserved just they way it was in the 50’s.

The Smallwood Store first opened its doors in 1906, serving as a place for weary travellers to stay and locals to by everything from chocolate to tobacco (a regular 7Eleven if you will), and is now a museum full of old Coke bottles, pharmaceutical packaging and animal skins.

While it was slightly disturbing to turn a corner and see a dead raccoon dangling in front of me, I loved looking through the old patterns, buttons and pieces of pristine clothing, such as the 1940s day dress, below.

Back in the day it was all about ‘make do and mend’ as popular fashion didn’t make it to the Everglades until the 1920’s

Buttons! I love the crinkled cardboard with all the old advertisements and illustrations