Not So Super Market @ Start The Bus

Today was the ‘Not So’ Supermarket event at Start The Bus and my first attempt at selling my homemade wares. A and I got there early to secure a spot, set up our stall and selling everything from videos and fairy cakes to button hair grips and fabric brooches.

Bringing A’s rail this time was a stroke of genius as it gave the punters a chance to skim through our unwanted clothes and vintage bits and bobs, and it wasn’t too terrifying to put together either. We used old scarves as a table cloth and tried to arrange everything to be as eye catching as possible, see pictures above and below.

Events such as this and the Jumble Sale are great but they do attract some cool shoppers and sellers, which sadly we were not! Once again we were very excited, even more so this time as we had both made lots of accessories. Everything, from setting up the stall to having customers comment on (or even touching) or stock was exciting, and ha us in fits of giggles, as did a poorly constructed paper plane!

Taking a peak at other stalls, A and I agreed that our table/rail look like one of the best at set to work trying to lure shoppers in with smiles and cakes. After a slow start A’s old clothes were soon flying off the rails and I sold a pair of Hong Kong coin earrings and a treasured Breakfast Club video.

Sadly I didn’t sell much more than that, except for my pink fairy cakes which were very popular as they were undercutting the competition by about 60p (something I didn’t realise until I noticed the owners of the other cake stall giving me evil looks).

Lots of people were interested in the plectrum earrings and button hair slides but unfortunately many wanted something slightly different to what we had with us. A couple of people also commented that they might try making their own which was frustrating but understandable; after all, that’s how I found myself staying up till 1am sewing buttons onto hair grips!

Even thought I didn’t sell that much I had such a great time and both A and I are really into the idea of having a regular stall once I’m back from America in December – a great opportunity to sell some of our handmade bits and bobs as potential Christmas presents.

If you can’t wait till December then check out the next Jumble Sale on 18th October and the next ‘Not So’ Supermarket event on 1st November.

Above: Our stall in all it’s glory.
Above: A selection of hair grips and earrings, including my faves: the Barbie shoe earrings.
The bestseller of the day: vanilla fairy cakes with pink butter cream icing.

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