Debate: Socks vs Sandals

Hmm… I’ve always had strong feelings about the socks under sandals look and none of them were good! A favourite of male, beach-loving holidaymakers of a certain age, I had always thought the look was as outdated as wearing a handkerchief as a sun hat.

All that changed however when I dug out my treasured over the knee grey socks (from M&S of all places) for a shopping expedition yesterday. The silver ballet pumps I was originally wearing were hurting my feet (as always) despite the socks acting as a buffer, so I made a pit-stop at home to change.

The brown tan gladiator sandals may only have cost £4 from Primark at the start of summer, but they are one of the comfiest pairs I’ve ever owned and were calling out to me.

I was undecided about the gladiator sandal debate you see, despite them looking amazing on everyone else. I though they would cut into my delicate feet like a knife and was certainly not going to spend £60 on a pair of ‘Helena’ sandals from Office, gorgeous as they may be. Anywho, these cheap-as-chips sandals turned out to be super comfortable and my staple summer footwear so I thought I might as well just try them on over the grey socks.

And who would have thought it!? The combo looked pretty darn good, especially with the librarian/granny chic look I was modelling, see above and right.

I must admit that the feel of the socks underneath sandals did take a bit of getting used to, which a friend and co-shopper will attest to. But after a few laps around Cabot Circus I felt totally comfortable and not at all dowdy or elderly!

Of course this would have been a totally different look if I were actually on the beach or wearing white sports socks etc. but so long as you proceed with caution, of the socks vs sandals debate I say ‘just do it’. Try out a few different sock/sandal combos at home and if you still don’t feel comfortable then go out and buy a pair of loafers and team with the socks, a la Alexa Chung: cute, practical and not at all ageing.


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