Blog of the Week: Style Bubble

Oh to be Susanna Lau, aka Susie Bubble. As famous as her fashion blog, Style Bubble, Susie, with her long, raven hair and quirky fashion sense, has become something of a fashion icon since the launch of the blog back in March 2006. Thanks to the consistent and candid fashion updates and self portraits of her ever-changing outfits, Susie gets around 15,000 hits a day from across the globe. Not bad for a 24 year old ‘fashion outsider’ from London.

I must admit to having a bit of Bubble envy but as this post is Blog of the Week I’ll stick to the blog rather than the creator! In an interview with The Business of Fashion, in 2007, Bubble admitted the blog is something of a ‘selfish endeavour’ to ‘present what I see and how I feel [about fashion]’. Selfish it may be but this genuine passion for fashion and love of clothes only makes the blog better as regular followers dip in daily to read what Bubble has to say about new shops, styles and designers.

With such a wide readership Style Bubble has become hugely influential, not only to civilians and fellow bloggers but also fashion insiders such as designers, who often send Susie front row tickets to their shows. The blog has evolved to include lengthy press cuttings, an amusing FAQ and even a Google Map dotted with the best places to shop, from designer to market stall.

The design of the site is cute and the content comprehensive: Bubble brings a wit and personable approach that is sometimes lost within the seriousness of the fashion industry. She may be a fashion ‘darling’ but she certainly doesn’t write like one: her blog is passionate and positive, self depreciating and quirky. Despite her iconic status and busy day job, Bubble also find the time to respond to the numerous comments that readers leave, showing she cares about their input and questions.

A great example of a blog and a must-read for any fasionista interested on being ‘a fashion outsider looking in’.


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