Blog of the Week: is a style blog that I recently stumbled across and it is strangely addictive. Claiming to be “an international social experiment is style”, allowing users to upload photos of themselves in their most fashionable outfits and rate each others ‘looks’.

After filling out an online application form, fashion-forward followers from around the world can post pouting pictures of themselves in vintage finds, designer pieces and high street brands. They can then ‘hype’ one another, the blog’s version of a fashion high-five, bumping their profiles up the ‘karma’ list.

Viewers and followers alike can search the vast collection of images for style inspiration and many of the photographs look like they could have been lifted from the pages of Vice magazine or the original fashion blog, The Satorialist. As well as latest posts, you can also search images by country, label or catagory, such as belts, dresses or hats.

Popular with students and school kids, the blog is a great example of street fashion, despite the contrived nature of some of the shots. If you’re in need of a real life style kick then check it out.


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